August 31, footprints.

I have decided, with much hesitation, to describe and make known this disturbing story.

The story is about a man who wakes up one morning, like every morning at his home, but, despite himself, finds himself in a sinister situation. It is as if something had happened in his house during the night, something he does not understand, based on the strange detections found in the house. He finds objects that he has never seen before, he finds the house as if it had been abandoned for a long time and some money gone and above all his skin changed, as if it were tanned. There are no signs of violation by thieves. He soon realizes that the problem is bigger than it initially seemed; he falls into a vortex into which he sinks deeper and deeper. The events unfold in just over 24 hours and the story has an unexpected and surprising ending.
It is by no means a fantasy novel, it is a story that could have happened.

Are we sure that our minds, secretly, don’t go around without telling us anything? To come back, then, after a few minutes, or perhaps an hour … or a month … a year … or never?

When it comes back to us, are we sure, it has always belonged to us? Or, on the contrary, did we share it with another person…? And with whom? A double of ourselves? One who lives parallel to us? The story ends in almost 24 hours. In these only 24 hours the protagonist experiences an intense mystery of his life, or imagines living it. The style chosen is that of a “photographic story”: the events are reported in writing, in the same way that a photo shows an image in print.

From Italy:


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