Hi, I’m almost forced to write novels and stories. In my daily life I am just an architect, and I have always pretended to do my job in the best possible way … .. until, a few years ago, I gave up … .. I had to write stories that whirl through my head without stopping. They come whispering to make themselves known to everyone.

Ciao, sono quasi costretto a scrivere romanzi e racconti. Nella mia quotidianità sono solo un architetto, e ho sempre cercato di fare il mio lavoro nel miglior modo possibile… fino a quando, qualche anno fa, ho rinunciato….. Dovevo scrivere storie che mi giravano continuamente in testa senza tregua. Vengono sussurrando per farsi mettere su carta e farsi conoscere da tutti.

Polyvalent &Multimedia Kiosk.

Design of a transportable kiosk “, usable as: space polyvalent / multimedia, meeting area and smoking area. It can be placed in squares, in free urban areas or in urban green areas.

The third Rose. La terza Rosa.

The gypsy told her: “Only the third Rose will be happy …”. The book tells stories from a long time ago that happened in a normal family, a family that went through the decades silently.We are the result of everything we have experienced both in our life and in that of our ancestors. Their lives…

Crystal women. Donne di cristallo.

Two women, two personalities, two temperaments. Their lives met by chance, tied up to the end. Due donne, due personalità, due temperamenti. Le loro vite si incontrano per caso e si legano fino alla fine.


I was tired of the last stairs flight. Why not … in the bathroom ….? …. and the first stairs flight…..


… it is . … hall … bed … … living … The main place.

AMELIA – 2nd –

SECOND PART …………… PARTE seconda …………. In those years, two marriage ceremonies were always celebrated. In fact, in Italy, the “Concordat” between State and Church had not yet been stipulated (Lateran Pacts of 11 February 1929) and since neither of the two recognized the right of the other, the wedding ceremonies there were usually two:…

The peacock-tiled bread. Il pane con la coda di pavone.

My younger brother Bary, almost a son to me, was taking English courses. Sometimes I helped him with his homework. One day, as soon as he got back from school, he said that this was the right time for him to drop out of his English course. I was surprised, and when I asked him…


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