Hi, I’m almost forced to write novels and stories. In my daily life I am just an architect, and I have always pretended to do my job in the best possible way … .. until, a few years ago, I gave up … .. I had to write stories that ran inside my head without stopping. They come whispering to make themselves known to everyone.

Mbè …….


I was tired of the last stairs flight. Why not … in the bathroom ….? …. and the first stairs flight…..


… it is . … hall … bed … … living … The main place.

AMELIA – 3rd – last

THIRD AND LAST …………… PARTE TERZA E ULTIMA …………. When the civil ceremony finally arrived, Amelia and Enzo regulated their position towards the State. During which, she wore the carnelian ring; that second ceremony had special significance for her. While she promised her love for Enzo, at the same time she confirmed it for Salvo. … Continue reading AMELIA – 3rd – last

AMELIA – 2nd –

SECOND PART …………… PARTE seconda …………. In those years, two marriage ceremonies were always celebrated. In fact, in Italy, the “Concordat” between State and Church had not yet been stipulated (Lateran Pacts of 11 February 1929) and since neither of the two recognized the right of the other, the wedding ceremonies there were usually two: … Continue reading AMELIA – 2nd –

AMELIA – 1st –

PART ONE …………… PARTE PRIMA …………. The story of Amelia is an ancient story. A piece of the mosaic of my family, handed down partly by my grandmother and partly by my mother. It is the short but real story of Amelia, my mother’s aunt, who, like her, was called Amelia. In my early years, … Continue reading AMELIA – 1st –

Simple recipe of “mixed pasta”. Semplice ricetta di “pasta mista”.

Quantity for one person. Quantità per una persona. 1- Fill a pot of water. It’s not easy, you have to dose the right amount of water. I always fill it to the brim, so afterwards, I always have to scrape off the foamy water that has stuck to the kitchen for days. Put the right … Continue reading Simple recipe of “mixed pasta”. Semplice ricetta di “pasta mista”.

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