The third Rose.

Rose is dominated by her past, she is a slave to her family’s cultural heritage. In this story, there are some questions eager for answers.

Are we the fruit and the sum of all that we have indirectly experienced both in our life and, even before, in the life of our predecessors? Do their stories condition our existence, from time to time and for generations, influencing, badly or happily, or just fortunately, our life, and shaping it even before our birth?

The cover of the book has recently been changed. The above is the old one , this below the new one
The book cover has been changed recently .
The cover of the book has recently been changed.

These events have happened in any family, a family that has gone through the decades in silence. It is the story of three generations of women; their lives have been intertwined and dominated by the great events of history: from the early 1900s to the 90s.

This novel won a special mention in the ” International literary competition: city of Castrovillari” VIII edition” in Italy.

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